These are some common questions (Q/A) and comments (C/R) we receive.

Q: What is a headshot?
A: A headshot is a picture that includes just your head and shoulders, looking straight forward with a pleasant expression so we can see your face and features clearly.
  • Please do NOT include anyone else in this picture, you should be the only person in the frame. 
  • Try to take the picture in good lighting (natural light; in the shade on a sunny day is best) so that we can accurately see your coloring and to minimize shadows. 
  • This picture should be taken recently, within the last two months.

Q: What is a profile shot?
A: A profile shot is a picture of your head and shoulders looking directly to the side at a 90-degree angle to the camera so we may see your profile.

Q: Should I audition for a role?
A: If you are interested in a particular project, please audition. Auditioning in no way implies that you will get the role. However, if you do not apply or audition, we will not know of your interest and ability, and therefore, will not be able to cast you.

Q: When will I know if I am cast or if I am going to be an extra?
A: This depends on the project. For those who have auditioned for a role, we work as quickly as possible to determine where everyone fits according to the needs of the project. We will notify you as soon as we have the approvals. Time permitting, we endeavor to send out notifications to those who are not cast, as well.

Q: Do I need to have a temple recommend?
A: Employees must be a temple worthy member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Q: I'm a BYU Student. Can I still participate?
A: Yes, we pay our actors through Nexeo, which is not a conflict with your work at BYU. If you need to grow a beard for a specific role, we can coordinate with BYU's Honor Code Office to request a beard waiver for you. Send us an email with your 9-digit BYU Student ID#, your full name as it appears on your student ID card, and the project for which you have been cast. At this time, we are unable to cast international students.

Q: When are Open Auditions?

A: Our "Open Auditions" have been discontinued.

Q: Why wasn't I chosen for the project? Everyone tells me I would be perfect for it!
A: First of all, thank you for applying. The casting process is very complex and often requires input and approval from directors, producers, and clients. We know so many of you just want to help. Please be assured that we consider every individual very carefully in each casting call. We employ not only our considerable experience, but a great deal of prayer and counsel with the client, producer, and director in every decision.
Note: It is not industry standard for casting personnel to give feedback about an audition.

Q: I wasn't chosen for this project. May I participate in other productions?
A: Absolutely! We keep everyone's information on file in our secure Talent Database. We constantly pull from this online file for ALL media projects; and there are MANY! Please keep your information UPDATED and CURRENT so we can find you! http://casting.churchofjesuschrist.org/app

Q: I don't want to be part of your database.  How do I remove my information?
A: Just send an e-mail to AVDcasting@ChurchofJesusChrist.org to let us know.  We will delete all of your information at your request.

Q: Am I too old to apply?
A: We often have need of mature talent, and typically a small pool of applicants from which to draw. We need actors and background of all ages. Please apply!

C: My son/daughter would love to do this.
R: What about YOU? We have literally hundreds of parents wanting to get their child(ren) involved in Church Media. We need FAMILIES: the entire family unit, including Mom and Dad. Your children stand a better chance of being cast if their parents are also available to be involved too.

Q: Do you really need my birthdate? My weight? My height?
A: Yes, absolutely. This is one of the ways we "sort" for project cast needs. If we sort on any field which you have not filled out, your profile may be filtered out. We are usually generous in the ranges we use to filter. If you look younger or older than your age, for example, you will not be filtered out.

Q: Can I make an appointment to see you in person?
A: As we are always casting several projects at once, our time is very limited. By having a complete profile in our Talent Database, you will be eligible for all of our casting searches. If you match with any project we're casting, you may be invited to audition even if we haven't met you in person and we'll get to meet you then.

Q: It seems like every casting call I see is asking for “ethnic diversity.”  Will you ever be casting Caucasians from Utah?
A: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a global organization. As we send out video in multiple languages and to various countries, we try to incorporate ethnic diversity to represent the global nature of Church membership.

Regarding our Standard-works-based films. Of those -- the New Testament, Old Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants -- only one (Church History) involves those who migrated west to the Salt Lake valley. We seek for authenticity in our films wherever possible. Therefore, our need for peoples of the Holy Land and New America generally outnumber our need for those portraying Church History from the Restoration era. It just depends upon which project we’re currently filming.

Please be patient and please keep your information updated with us. We’ll involve you whenever we can. Thank you for your interest!

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