Monday, April 20, 2015

LDS Philanthropies Fundraising School

The Publishing Services Department is producing a video for potential donors to LDS Philanthropies that will help them understand the process of donating and what their money will be used for.  We are looking for background players to play potential donors and LDS Philanthropies Representatives/Accountants for B-roll footage. (You will be in scenarios where you will be having conversations, but the sound will not be heard because there will be narration over the top.)
As those who are able to donate at this level are typically quite affluent, we are looking for those who can look well-groomed and put-together.  We are looking for individuals and couples.  If you would like to apply as a couple, please indicate such on the application form, but apply individually.  However, it may be possible that you will be used as an individual.  By the same token, if you apply as an individual, you may be cast with another person to make a couple.

2 Senior Couple Donors (age 60-70) – all ethnicities welcome, well-groomed and put-together, all ethnicities welcome
1 Young Couple Donors (age 20-30) – well-groomed and put-together, all ethnicities welcome
1 Middle-Aged Couple Donor (age 40-50) – well-groomed and put-together, all ethnicities welcome
2 Individual Donors, Male and Female (age 40-60) – well-groomed and put-together, all ethnicities welcome
7 LDS Charity representative/accountant (age 30-50) – well-groomed and put-together, clean-shaven, all ethnicities welcome

Friday, February 13, 2015

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