Thursday, September 27, 2018

PROJECT: Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square “Silent Night” Music Video 
UNION: This project is being produced under the SAG-AFTRA Music Video Contract
Applicants do NOT need to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for this project.

We are excited to be producing a Christmas Music Video featuring the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square singing “Silent Night."

Leads (speaking):
Millie: Female; mid-20s-30s; 
Millie’s Husband: male; 20s-30s; any ethnicity
Supporting (non-speaking):
Woman/Mother: female 20s; brunette; is pregnant and gives birth during the course of the video
Auto Mechanics: 20s-40s; male; Hispanic/Latino;
Devin: male; 6 years old (or looks it); Millie’s son
Drunk man: male; 50s; plays stumbling drunk
Young Officer Sheppard: 20s; male; Caucasian
Featured Background:
Ruffians: male; 20s; street thugs; beat up/harrass Drunk Man
Chinese Restaurant Chefs: Male or Female; 18-60s; Asian-looking preferred
Young Officer Sheppard’s Wife: 20s; female
Newborn Babies: We will need two infants who are age 15-30 days old the week of the shoot. Shoot days for the babies will be very short.

Initial audition due Friday, October 5th; possible callbacks on Oct. 11th and/or 12th
Shoot October 22-24
Most roles will only work 1-2 days.
TBD Wasatch Front/Back; applicants must be able to work as a local
Lead: $300/day + 10 % agency fee, if applicable
Supporting: $150/day + 10% agency fee, if applicable
Background: $100/day + 10% agency fee, if applicable

Applicants must be eligible to work in the United States.

Lead and Supporting Roles
2.       Record a video of yourself performing the side. Include:
a.       Name, Agency (if applicable)
b.       Perform with your focus just off camera. If your role is non-speaking, you can improv lines, as you see fit, based on the scene. Ultimately, though, any vocalizations will not be heard over “Silent Night.”
c.       Upload the video to a file-sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Set the privacy to “Unlisted.”
3.       Share the link to your video on our online application ( ). You will also be asked to provide some current photos.
Featured Background Roles
            Click Here to fill out the online application. You do not need to submit a video, but will need to submit photos. (Form URL: )

Applications must be received by Friday, October 5th.

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