Thursday, August 16, 2018

To ALL actors and extras wishing to participate in the Book of Mormon Visual Library project:


Why do I have to grow out my hair to participate in the Book of Mormon videos? Why can’t you just put a wig on me?

There are several reasons why we ask all candidates (male and female) to grow their hair. Basically, the reasons fall into two categories:


AUTHENTICITY:  We have a wonderful hair and makeup department. They are experienced, creative professionals who have…
-    performed extensive research about the ancient peoples of the Americas,
-   and worked directly with Book of Mormon scholars
-   so they can embrace the vision of producers, directors, and clients
-   to meet with the strict scrutiny of Church Correlation and other decision-making committees.

The end result is a fixed look for main characters, as well as a range of possible looks for background groups. Part of this is the fact that people in the Book of Mormon would not have had access to clippers or scissors as we know them. They would not have had missionary hair cuts at all, let alone on a regular basis.

But you shaved a lot of people who worked on Season 3!
Yes, that is true. Those who come to set with short hair will most likely receive a shearing appropriate to the time period. Even if you grow your hair, they may ask to change it. We ask you to grow it for the sake of the production to allow our professionals the option of using it or changing it. The longer your hair, the more options we have to help you look your best.

But why can’t you just throw a wig on me?

There are a wide range of wigs and hair-pieces on the market. Most are not styled in the set fashion of this production, nor are they styleable. Even the best wigs are challenging to work with in a film production environment. They simply do not behave as natural hair does.

COST: The cost of the best wigs and hair-pieces that are made from human hair and are custom made for the actor is in the thousands of dollars — each! Imagine the cost and the time necessary to craft a custom wig or hair-piece for each cast member! Now imagine the cost of wigs for a scene with 50, 100 or 500! Add to that the labor costs on the day of production to apply the wig/hair-piece and maintain it throughout the day, and you have a cost prohibitive situation, my friends.

So, what we’re saying is, PLEASE grow out your own hair to be in the Book of Mormon videos. We can’t afford to wig you and our hair-pieces are limited. Natural hair looks a thousand times better and feels a million times more comfortable. (Those are real figures, you can fact check. 😉)

OK. Fine. I’ll grow my hair. But how long does it have to be?

You will never be able to grow your hair “too long” for this project. (And, if by some miracle you do, the production hair and makeup team will trim and style it appropriately.) Please do not cut or trim any part of the hair of your head… at all. Your job is simple: LET IT GROW! Think of what you’ll save in barber costs!

This is the goal: 

Here are a couple of great articles offering advice about growing your hair:

There is much more information about "how to grow your hair faster" available on the internet. We recommend taking the steps you feel good about for your personal needs.

What if I’m bald?

Lucky you! We are sure that there were perfect heads during Book of Mormon times, as well. You will still be considered for participation if you are naturally bald.

We hope this is helpful. Thank you for helping us bring The Book of Mormon to life!

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